Order at a self-service kiosk without contamination thanks to operation with gloves.

As QSRs slowly reopen, they are requiring employees and customers to wear safety masks, wash their hands repeatedly or wear gloves, in addition to following social distancing rules. Using a self-order kiosk also creates social distance. It is therefore important to us to show you how our Pyramid kiosks can be operated perfectly even with standard gloves, as everyone knows them and most probably wears them under the given circumstances when shopping etc., so that you are also protected against virus transmission when ordering at a self-service kiosk.

Our projected capacitive touchscreens (or PCAP touch) are coated with a transparent conductive film (such as ITO), which when touched by an object, usually the skin on your fingertip, can sense the conductive properties of that object and record a touch event.

Capacitive touchscreens can detect multiple points of contacts and can also be operated while wearing certain types of gloves. They are more responsive than a resistive touchscreen when it comes to gestures such as swiping and pinching.

In several test series, thin, non-conductive gloves (commercial rubber gloves and surgical gloves) made of different materials were tested and all (latex , nitrile, polyethylene, ..) react perfectly to the projected capacitive touch screens. However, inputs with winter gloves or thick work gloves are not possible.

Test results

Our tests have shown that PCAP touchscreens are easy to operate with all types of hygienic gloves and many more. Our extensive series of tests even showed that there were no differences between the individual gloves with regard to their…

Advantages by using a self-order kiosk operated with gloves

Using an order kiosk reduces queues and also limits person-to-person interaction.


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