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Network security products and appliances are used in a wide range of applications and play an important role in securing network communications. Once due to the immense network traffic volume – at individual main nodes, nearly 10 terabit/s traffic will be measured at the end of 2020, and the trend is rising – and also current topics are additionally spurring the use of products to secure home offices, Industrie 4.0 production facilities, CRITIS companies, and the implementation of minimum viable infrastructure.

AKHET® products support manufacturers of IT security solutions with enterprise-grade hardware…

Security Lock Technology

Use Cases

Enterprise Grade Hardware IT Security Solutions

VPN Gateway

Secure networking of branches, sites and small offices requires secure gateway appliances. To meet the requirements for small and large environments cost-effectively, the appliances should scale appropriately: from edge devices to rack systems suitable for networking with thousands of tunnels.

Application Layer Firewall

Application-level inspection qualifies the content of received network packets, and if the content is dangerous, the packets are blocked. For high-security solutions, a firewall solution must, among other things, have a correspondingly high level of self-protection. The challenge for a high-security appliance is to integrate the specialized software into a suitable hardware environment. AKHET® offers high availability and maximum quality for all components here.

Public Key Infrastructure with a HSM

Services, products and the production of documents based on personalized data or requiring secure transactions are made possible with the help of a PKI, among other things. Using a hardware security module, an additional level of security can be achieved for high-security environments, and a higher degree of scalability for large environments. The quality and security of appliances with such purpose is particularly important. The strengths of AKHET® products manufacturing helps our partners to offer IT security solutions with unparalleled features.


Industrial plant protection

Protection of plants is done by logging and monitoring of network connections, secure connection for remote machine maintenance, sufficient segmentation of networks and protection of network connections in different layers. When used in production facilities, IT hardware must be adapted for the harsher operating environment or to special installation conditions. AKHET® hardware systems therefore have sufficient network interfaces and appropriate connections for power supply.


Industrial PC IPC BoxFlex XS

Edge Device
BoxFlex XS

VarioFlex 1U 225

Application Layer
VarioFlex 2U Front I/O 430


AKHET® solutions are tailored to your needs. AKHET® turns performance, function, dimensions and appearance into your product: We provide components, front panels, select the colors of the chassis so that it exactly matches the corporate design. In this way, the product contributes to the successful appearance of your company.

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