Limit person-to-person interaction by using a self-checkout kiosk

The new norm of self-checkout – with cash and cashless payment

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polytouch® Flex21.5 – with automated cash handling

Self-checkout systems are enjoying growing popularity. Their number has almost doubled in recent years. An important success factor for the acceptance of these solutions is the possibility to offer various payment options. Particularly for small purchases such as in bakeries, cafés, pharmacies or fast-food restaurants, retailers still cannot do without offering a cash payment function for self-checkout as well. Customers want to be able to choose their payment method freely in order to complete their purchases as quickly as possible and without long waiting times. In order to allow the greatest possible flexibility in self-checkout, Pyramid Computer and CPI have developed an attractive and space-saving solution that enables cash and cashless payment at the same kiosk.

Pyramid Computer and Crane Payment Innovations have developed a self-checkout kiosk solution with automated cash handling

It has never been more important than in the present time to create social distance in QSRs, public canteens, bakeries, cafes, micro-markets, cinemas or anywhere else. Self-service kiosks are the best way to limit person-to-person interaction. To encourage even more people to self-checkout, Pyramid Computer and Crane Payment Innovations are revolutionizing self-checkout by equipping the same SCO kiosk with both cash and cashless payment functions.

The polytouch®Flex21.5 is super slim, has a bezel-free touch display and modular options for scanner, printer, payment modules which are directly integrated in the housing. This makes the kiosk itself incredibly cost effective. The compact kiosk is not only flexible in terms of its hardware modules, but also its mounting and color options are absolutely flexible and can be individually adapted according to customer wishes/requirements.

In combination with the CPI Pay Station Paypod™ Embedded, which easily fits under standard counters, it is the most attractive and spacesaving self-checkout kiosk solution to offer cash and cashless payment in equal measure.

Customers process the transaction while employees complete the order. By automating payment, retailers can limit hygienic issues and time spent on reconciling accounts while improving throughput.



The ultimate self-checkout kiosk solution with automated cash handling reduces queues, limits person-to-person interaction and offers more time to service customers.

  • Compact and attractive design
  • Modular installation
  • Multi-usage business
  • Decreasing the risk of contamination
  • Hygienic cash transactions of all kinds (all banknotes & coins)
  • Acceptance of every type of note and coin
  • Real-time change return & counterfeit detection

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