Pyramid Computer offers smart hardware solutions for big industries, which are in need for high tech and maximum performance.

Food & Beverage

Especially for QSR’s or fast casual restaurants, our innovative kiosk systems are a future proof and efficient solution to boost the throughoutput during peak times. They reduces queues and speed up the order process. Our PLS-system is an additional technology asset that engages more customers; enhancing their experience even further.

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Either in hotels, motels, hostels, offices, public buildings or other venues: more and more people want technological solutions to be a part of their journey.
Our kiosks welcome people, enhance, optimize or speed up check-in, check-out or order processes, thus giving your visitors, guestst or customers the best and fastest experience, ensuring their safety and guaranteeing their loyalty.

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Grocery Retail

Customer service terminals and self-service
terminals for food and non-food products are the upcoming standard in grocery stores. Our modern kiosk designs are attractive for both: Supermarket clients and supermarket chains.

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There’s a rapidly growing requirement for self-service kiosks found at check-in and bag drop, but also for wayfinding, shopping, dining, passport control applications. Pyramid Computer offer enterprise kiosk systems for this branches with slimmer, frameless, more space-saving designs that have a great scope for customization.

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The customer should be led to his destination faster, easier and more cost-effectively, while being offered all kinds of services. As a kiosk solutions manufacturer expert we realize technical trends like easy and convenient ticket handling, cashless payments to meet the continuously evolving needs of your customers.


In medical environment, our technologies makes a decisive contribution to increasing efficiency, reducing costs and relieving the burden on employees. In the field of diagnostics, computers made by us control laboratory systems to examine serum samples fully automatically, store results and transmit them to the treating department. That´s only one example for the benefit of our technologies in healthcare. We scale the highest performance in the smallest space, ensure long-term availability of components, brand the final product with our customer’s CD

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Our kiosks open up completely new opportunities for the banking industry to retain existing customers and win new ones. As virtual shelves, Polytouch® kiosks offer products and services that were previously beyond imagination, because reserved for local stores operating in other sectors: tickets for cultural events, mobile phone contracts, voucher cards for apps, games, and music.

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Fashion Apparel

Omnichannel, cross-selling and information reproduction – the digitization of your sales areas plays an increasingly important role in everyday life.
From info terminals to independent handling of sales processes – with our polytouch® products you always have the right solution.

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Industry Machine Vision

The industrial automation needs reliable and scalable IT hardware. Industrial PCs have to fulfill special requirements in addition to reliability and long-term availability.
Our products work reliably under high operation temperatures, in dusty air or by strong vibrations.

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Automated reception, automated check-in, automated check-out for hotel guests: The Welcome Check-In kiosks offer key management with physical keycards and secure payments for seamless self-check-in/out process in an astonishing design.

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Network & Security

AKHET® is a rock solid partner for large and medium-sized companies when it comes to supplying hardware platforms for solutions in the field of IT security. Since decades, some of the major players there rely on us, unleashing the potential of their software on/with our hardware for products that are highly performant and highly secure and thus meet the strictest governmental requirements.

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