FLEX janus
Health Screening Kiosk

The Janus Solution is a thermal check-in kiosk, developed in tandem with IntraEdge and their Truyo Privacy Rights Platform. Truyo provides user privacy, corporate data compliance, and global privacy rights management functions. The Janus Solution is turn-key for enterprises to comply with newer and demanding temperature and social distancing expectations.

This Health Screening Kiosk can integrate with many different HR systems and access controls.  With its ability to print labels, read key-fobs, take temperatures, and read barcodes, it is your total solution for the current landscape; and become your standard for employee and guest check-in now and into the future.


With its stunning modularity and multiple mounting options a amazing variety of use cases are possible for your branch.
  • Self-Checkin

    Access to buildings as visitor or employee the POLYTOUCH® FLEX21.5 janus helps managing streamlining the flow of people.
    As an option, combining contactless thermal temperature screening sensors the Pyramid solution offers a level of public access safety and accuracy that cannot be matched by existing human-error prone processes. More information

  • Self-Checkout

    In QSRs, public canteens, bakeries, cafes, micro-markets, cinemas or anywhere else the polytouch® flex21.5 enables a customer an ultimate personalized self-checkout process and cuts the queue.


  • Ultrathin Touch Display

    • 10 touches
    • Projected Capacitive Touch
    • Full HD Display
  • Chassis

    • Lightweight slim design
    • Housing of PCs and fans
    • Easily accessible service flap
  • Current Intel® Core i based embedded PC

    • Powerful Intel® Core™ processors
    • High-performance system
  • Longwave Infrared Thermal Camera

    For health screening this thermal imaging camera offer an unmatched set of features, making it well-suited for demanding applications. Improved electronics provide powerful image processing modes that dramatically improve detail and contrast. The camera Tau™ 2 offer options include full radiometry, increased sensitivity (<30mK), and 640/60Hz frame rates.


Within the chassis the FLEX21.5 JANUS offers the integration of various peripherals for seamless integration for customers needs:
  • Assistive Technology Interface

    The assistive technology interface is an device offering menu navigation by means of audio direction. Users with impaired vision, reading difficulties or impaired fine motor skills can navigate through menus or directories that would typically be presented on a visual display or touch screen.
    This device is intended for use as the tactile or audio interface for any ADA or DDA compliant kiosk applications such as ticketing machines, vending machines, voting terminals, self-order or self-checkout kiosks.

  • Printer

    The kiosk has printer options that offers a wide range of functions that retailers and catering businesses can use for cost-effective and innovative tablet and web-based POS solutions.

    • Epson TM-T88VI
    • CUSTOM Printer Modus3 USB/RS232
    • CUSTOM printer P3 ETH USB/RS232
  • Barcode Scanner

    From order kiosks in fast-food restaurants to airport ticketing kiosks: the scanner is seamlessly integrated into the Flex21.5 kiosk. The scanner has an exit window made of Gorilla® glass for excellent scratch resistance.

    • Zebra 4717 inkl. Cone
    • DATALOGIC Magellan 1500i, Black
    • Honeywell CF3680 2D Imager module
  • Magstripe Card Reader

    2-in-1 Magstripe card reader + NFC contactless card reader.

    • Is programmable
    • Easy to read and write RFID Mifare one card
    • Supports ISO14443 RFID card (frequency 13.56 MHz)
  • Pedestal

  • Wallmount

  • Deskmount


The customer has a free choice of colour for powder-coating of the chassis. This is possible according to the
customer-specific requirements in all RAL colors.