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Precise, flexible and intelligent paging or real time localization systems for your use case.

Do you run a quick service or fast casual restaurant and are in need whether to notify your guests that food is ready for pickup or to locate them and serve the dishes at the right tables? Or: Do you run a fashion store and are in need to track customers waiting for assistance? Or: Do you run a DIY and are in need to inform customers that their boards has been shortened and ready for collection?

Then you are in the right place here! We have exactly the paging and real-time localization solution you are looking for. We leveraged our years of business experience and channeled our agility and creativity to develop a holistic concept that combines reliable performance, ease usability and flexibility of integration.

The three packages of the Pyramid Paging/Localization System are called BASIC, PROFESSIONAL, EXPERT and are designed to meet any need in any market. Want to know how it works and what´s in it for you? Read on!

Choose the Level of support thats right for your business.



Key Features




Paging & Localization (optional)

Key Features




Paging & Localization

Key Features



Pyramid Paging or Localization System – Sophisticated and precise technology


Customizable pucks act as tags for guests, customers, patients and clients. Through the puck they can either be notified or, if localization is enabled, be located.


Mounted on the ceiling, the antennas are compact and lightweight devices for the communication with the pucks and the server hub.

Service & Support

The server hub manages all communication throughout the entire PLS infrastructure. It receives data from the antennas, manages the data to provide an accurate paging or location.

Welcome people into your store and give them the best possible shopping experience

With our Automated Queue Management Kiosk Solution

The PLS opens up every customer the opportunity to spend their waiting time as they wish and without the hassle of queuing: a coffee in the bistro, an exploration tour instore or a break in its rest area shorten the time until advice is available or an order is ready.


Radio Signal processing

Other than Bluetooth methods which use the signal strength (RSSI) to locate a BLE tag, PLS processes the direction of a radio signal transmitted by it.

AoA (Angle of Arrival) measurement

Mounted on the ceiling, the antennas are compact and lightweight devices for the communication with the pucks and the server hub.


A store is the flagship of a brand. In order to ensure an unified brand image, its necessary to align the design of every component from furniture to technology. With our highly customizable concept (kiosk, pucks and hub), we realise every requirement.

Concept integration

Wether you already have selfservice technology in use and need upgrade to an paging or localization solution or you are starting from scratch: We guide and advise you through the whole process, from choosing the right package to supporting the installation.

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