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Sophisticated, precise and reliable localization system
for your use case.

Who it works for and how?

Paging or localization? Decide on both!
EXPERT provides you with maximum flexibility.


Wherever guests and customers are to be localized to provide them with dishes. products or advise: The PERFECT spots them and guides your staff precisely and directly there.


Guest or customer places order or request for advice at counter or kiosk. Staff or kiosk dispenses puck (BLE tag) referring to the order or requested service. Order or request is automatically linked with puck taken by guest or customer.


PERFECT tracks guest or customer by his puck. When meal is ready or staff free to attend advice, it´s easy to locate the person: Via monitoring software, the staff see in real time where the customer is.


Afterwards, staff takes puck and returns it to the counter or kiosk where its ready to be reallocated.

IN yOUR BUSINESS No one gets lost, because everyone is found.

leverage the benefits of precise real time localization

EXPERT is a highly precise, fully automated real time localization system consisting of hardware and software components to perfectly streamline and monitor order processes or service requests.

EXPERT – core Features and how they work together


Customizable pucks are are lightweight and Bluetooth low energy consuming tag devices for guests, customers, clients and patients. People take it with them and so can either be notified or, if localization is enabled, be located.


Mounted on the ceiling, the Antenna is a compact and lightweight device for the communication between pucks and server hub. The antennas aqre discreetly and elegantly designed to fit unobtrusively into any environment.

Server HUB

The server hub manages all communication throughout the entire infrastructure. It receives data from the antennas and manages this data through advanced algorithms. It offers a standard JSON/REST-push/pull API, that enables seamless integration with your individual application.

Kiosk + Dispensing unit

To automate processes POLYTOUCH® kiosks can be equipped with the innovative mechatronical dispensing unit. It is easily integrated in digitised environments and enables highest automation with binding data of sales, order or service processes to indoor and outdoor positioning information.

Monitoring Software

The Monitoring Software UI access displays the position of the pucks. Furthermore it enables the evaluation and comparison of valuable data in terms of order processing and waiting times for various locations.



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Most advanced solution for your real time localization use case.


Kiosk integration
for Full automaTion

POLYTOUCH® kiosks enable your business to leverage every benefit of automation and make everyday business convenient, efficient and simply better.


Monitoring Software

See the locations of your guests and customers!
Get access to valuable data!
Gain insights about store performances!
Conclude with implications to enhance processes!



Choose between outdoor & indoor antennas – or take both. We offer a broad range to provide you with maximum flexibility for paging and localization inside the walls & open-air.

Use Cases


EXPERT´s automated queue management solution e. g for DIY, consists of a POLYTOUCH® kiosk including the puck dispensing unit and a Welcome Manager software.

The core features are the automation of welcoming customers while the waiting time is bridged and the customer can explore the whole store until he gets located and contacted by a service professional.

Restaurant INDUSTRY

EXPERT is a future proof and efficient automation and locating system e. g. for operators of Quck Service and Fast Casual Restaurant.

The core features are the automated binding of guests orders to the Point-of-Sale-System and guests positions with the help of the puck dispensing unit. The system is setup in shortest time and runs with the lowest TCO.


schema of PLS System and how the components work toghether

Radio Signal processing

Other than Bluetooth methods which use the signal strength (RSSI), EXPERT processes the direction of a radio signal transmitted by a Bluetooth® Low Energy Tag (Puck).

The BLE technology conserves the energy reserves of the tag’s integrated battery and ensures long operating times.

Angle of Arrival (AoA)

To achieve unrivalled reliable and precise real-time positioning, EXPERT calculates the position of the BLE Tag (Puck) using the Angle-of-Arrival (AoA) method.

This method ensures that the measurement accuracy is always between 5 and 10 inches, regardless of the distance or height of the tag from the measurement point.

REMOTE Support

In case you need assistance with EXPERT, we will help you via remote maintenance. With our longstanding experience in customer care, we will guide and advise you fast and reliable.