Imaging & Visualization

Media Presenting

You can see them in subway stations, fashion stores, food markets, museums, shopping malls. The largest of them attract attention in public places: digital advertising spaces have become an indispensable part of everyday life. Even technology that looks so beautiful requires powerful media controllers for high resolutions, large-format surfaces or multi-screen solutions.

Pyramid Computer convinces here with powerful computing solutions and, at the customer’s request, we put the digital heavyweights into an attractive design.

Use Cases

Powerful hardware solutions in beauty design
  • Media Controlling

    Media presenting manufacturers offer powerful software to run multi-screen applications, video walls, and interactive kiosk solutions.
    High-resolution 4K and 8K content is synchronously played on dozens of outputs, indoors and outdoors.
    AKHET® systems deliver the computing and graphics power required by the customer, in an elegant design chassis to match the creative environment. Low noise and high performance.


  • VF 5U 430

    Media Presenting Engine in design chassis with noble aluminum bezel and touch display.

    • AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper
    • Quadro RTX 5000


AKHET® solutions are tailored to your needs. AKHET® turns performance, function, dimensions and appearance into your product: We provide components, front panels, select the colors of the chassis so that it exactly matches the corporate design. In this way, the product contributes to the successful appearance of your company.