1. Suitable for outdoor use
  2. From -30° to +50°C
  3. Up to 7 mm laminated safety glass
  4. Self-regulating control system


The customizable outdoor kiosk

POLYTOUCH® 24 ROCK, the latest outdoor kiosk series from Pyramid is designed for the worst weather conditions and most extreme temperatures.

The outdoor terminal features an intelligent and well thought-out climate management system. A separate IoT control, which is independent of the PC, can be controlled remotely  and manages all tasks for temperature control, humidity control and has safety sensors such as burglar protection. Included are a number of modules which provide cooling, as well as heating and dehumidifying to keep commercially available kiosk components at their optimum temperature.

Multiple installation options
Whether your desired kiosk should accept cash in and out, or print RFID or other plastic cards, in the air-conditioned interior there is an enormous amount of space for additional individual peripheral units in addition to the usual components. Let us help you create your ideal kiosk.


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  • Chassis with LED signage

    The chassis of the outdoor kiosk is made of powder-coated stainless steel and protects the components inside from the harsh environment. The optionally available glass roof provides additional protection against the elements. The system can be installed as a stand-alone kiosk as well as a wall terminal.

    The system unit is divided into three parts:

    • Access to the touch screen, computer and climate control system
    • Drawer with optional modules, which can be easily opened with an NFC tag
    • Service flap with access to the closing mechanism, which protects the main unit from unauthorized access
  • Display and PC-Box

    The integrated full-HD touchscreen (PCAP) with its anti-glare coating and a brightness of up to 1300 cd/m2 can be read even in the brightest environment. The touch screen can be protected by a 3mm (total 7mm glass in front of screen) compound safety glass, which can be easily replaced if necessary. Optionally, a “privacy foil” can protect the contents of the display from prying eyes.

    Behind the screen the powerful and modular PC box, utilities Pyramids snap-in technology. With only one connector to the display it provides optimum performance and reliability and supplies the display with power.

  • Self-regulating control system

    Temperatures of -30 to 50 °C (-22 to 122 °F) are no problem for the outdoor kiosk. The independent IoT control takes over all tasks to keep the components in the interior at the best operating temperature. In addition to a heating and a cooling module, a dehumidifying system is available which keeps the indoor climate at an optimum level. To prevent unauthorized access, the polytouch® 24 rock is equipped with an ingenious safety sensor.


Whether printing of documents, scanning of barcodes or cash handling, the polytouch® 24 rock masters all these disciplines and many more. The large interior offers enough space for the installation of individual components and makes it to an all-rounder among outdoor kiosks.

  • Printer
  • Scanner
  • Cash-recycling-system


In accordance with customer-specific requirements, the chassis can be coated in all RAL colours, both complete and partial. In addition, the lettering of the LED signage can also be customized.

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