Small but mighty.


  1. Most Compact Design
  2. Various Mounting Options
  3. Optimized for Self-Checkin/ Checkout Applications

FLEX 21.5

Flexibility in design, installation and use case with the DNA of POLYTOUCH®.

POLYTOUCH® FLEX 21.5 is everywhere the most compact and flexible: In hotels, offices and public buildings, this kiosk welcomes guests and handles the check-in process. In retail shops, it manages the checkout. In food & beverage venues, it covers the entire ordering process including automated cash handling. In the entertainment industry, he supports as a ticket salesman.

The FLEX integrates payment and barcode scanner modules in its ultra-compact chassis, which is not even as wide as a DIN A4 sheet of paper (landscape format). This chassis-mounted design makes the FLEX much more user-friendly than comparable competitors that mount peripheral modules next to or below the chassis for similarly sized displays – and yet only slightly wider overall!

The ergonomic module placement reduces the user’s interaction area to an absolute minimum, so that the FLEX can be operated intuitively by any age group, i.e. without lengthy searching and trial and error. And with its ADA compliance, it also opens up the world of self-services to limited users.

Its stainless steel chassis gives the FLEX the robustness it needs to survive the harsh conditions of everyday use unscathed: Liquids, dust and dirt are just as unlikely to harm it as high-frequency use in PEAK times. Quality made in Germany, which also looks very good and was honored for this with the European Product Design Award in 2020.

Thanks to its small dimensions and intelligent mounting concept, the FLEX fits effortlessly into any existing store concept: on a pedestal, mounted on the wall (wallmount) or as a countertop on the inventory.

The standard version of the FLEX already includes a module for cashless payment. If desired, it can be supplemented with an element for accepting and returning banknotes and coins. Of course, peripheral modules on the FLEX, as on all Polytouch® self-service kiosks, can be flexibly converted and upgraded according to application and requirement.

As you can see: The FLEX with its innovative technology, its application range as well as its space-saving technical and shapely optical design is also the best in class solution for you.

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With its stunning modularity and multiple mounting options an amazing variety of use cases are possible.
  • Self-Checkin

    Access to buildings as visitor or employee the POLYTOUCH® FLEX 21.5 helps managing streamlining the flow of people.
    As an option, combining contactless thermal temperature screening sensors the Pyramid solution offers a level of public access safety and accuracy that cannot be matched by existing human-error prone processes. More information

  • Self-Checkout

    In QSRs, public canteens, bakeries, cafes, micro-markets, cinemas or anywhere else the POLYTOUCH® FLEX 21.5 enables a customer an ultimate personalized self-checkout process and cuts the queue.

  • Cash-handling

    To encourage more people to self-checkout, Pyramid Computer and Crane Payment Innovations are revolutionizing self-checkout by equipping the same SCO kiosk with both cash and cashless payment functions. More information


An ultrathin touch display, a steal chassis and a high-performance pc.
  • Ultrathin Touch Display

    The Display is ultra responsive and enables an intuitive navigation and clear apperance of the UI.

    • 10 touches
    • Projected Capacitive Touch
    • Polytouch® 21.5″ Touch Display
  • Chassis

    The housing inherits all important components and protects them from unauthorized acces while providing an elegant look.

    • Lightweight slim design
    • Housing of PCs and fans
    • Easily accessible service flap
  • Current Intel® Core i based embedded PC

    To ensure reliable, fast and long-term performance, we integrate the latest generation of Intel® Core™ processors.


The compact chassis of the POLYTOUCH® FLEX 21.5 integrates various peripherals according to customers needs.
  • Assistive Technology Interface

    The assistive technology interface offers menu navigation through audio commands. Users with limited vision, reading difficulties or restricted fine motor skills can navigate through menus or directories that would typically be presented on a visual display or touch screen.
    This additional module makes the Flex 21.5 an ADA or DDA compliant kiosk.

  • Printer

    Various printers from different manufacturers can be included in the compact housing to ensure the best possible functionality and compability.

    • Epson TM-T88VI
    • CUSTOM Printer Modus3 USB/RS232
    • CUSTOM printer P3 ETH USB/RS232
  • Barcode Scanner

    No matter what scanner you choose, it is seamlessly integrated into the Flex 21.5 chassis. The Gorilla® glass exit window is highly scratch-resistant, even after years of continous high-frequency use.

    • Zebra 4717 inkl. Cone
    • DATALOGIC Magellan 1500i, Black
    • Honeywell CF3680 2D Imager module
  • Magstripe Card Reader

    To offer various ways of cashless payment options, a 2-in-1 Magstripe card reader + NFC contactless card reader can be included.

    • Programmable
    • Easy to read and write RFID Mifare one card
    • Supports ISO14443 RFID card (frequency 13.56 MHz)
  • Longwave Infrared Thermal Camera

    The technologically well equipped Tau™ 2 offers powerful image processing modes with high detail accuracy and contrast,  full radiometry, increased sensitivity (<30mK), and 640/60Hz frame rates. These features make the camera suited for demanding applications.

  • Deskmount

    The Flex 21.5 can be placed on any surface or furniture, like counters, tables or desks. Even in stores with limited space availability there will be enough space to integrate the compact kiosk.

  • Wallmount

    If there is no suitable surface or enough space for a pedestal version, the Flex 21.5 can also be mounted on the wall.

  • Pedestal

    The kiosk is mounted on a freestanding pedestal. That allows you to position the kiosk at the very center or all across the room.

  • Paypod®

    In bakeries, cafés, pharmacies or fast-food restaurants retailers still need to offer a cash payment function for customers. This is due to the fact that for example in bakeries, customers only spend small amounts. On the other hand, especially in Germany, a lot of people prefer to pay with cash. There is also the concern of hygiene when food and cash are handled simeoultaneously.

    That’s why Pyramid Computer and CPI have developed an attractive and space-saving solution that enables cash and cashless payment at the same kiosk, enabling the customer to choose freely how to pay. The CPI Pay Station Paypod™ Embedded, which easily fits under standard counters, it is the most attractive and spacesaving self-checkout kiosk solution to offer cash and cashless payment in equal measure.

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When it comes to customizing the kiosk according to your Corporate Design, the chassis and display frame can be powder coated with any color of the RAL spectrum.




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