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  1. RTLS - Latency < 20ms
  2. 6 Inch Accuracy
  3. Interference-free (AoA)
  4. Smartphone ready
  5. Amazon Alexa Skill


The PLS (POLYTOUCH® LOCATION SYSTEM) is a flexible and open localization and automation system for location-based services. It delivers unparalleled, highly accurate indoor positioning – in real time (RTLS). Its hard- and software components enable your organization to introduce location relevant services and applications. Unlike other Bluetooth BLE based beaconing solutions, PLS measures the exact location of a tag device or smartphone by Angle-of-Arrival method, which results in a 6-inch positioning accuracy.


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  • Restaurant Automation

    Based on the concept for either fast casual or quick service restaurants (QSR) our product helps you to integrate a future proof and efficient automation and locating system for restaurants operator.
    The core features are the automated binding of guests orders to Point-of-Sale-System and guests positions with the help of the puck dispensing unit. An additional feature of the location system by Pyramid GmbH is the processing and locating of orders made by mobile phone and at the kiosk and at the counter. Simultaneously the system is setup in shortest time and runs with the lowest TCO.

  • Retail and Stores – Automated Queue Management

    The Automated Queue Management Kiosk Solution consists of a polytouch® 32 passport kiosk including the puck dispensing unit and a Welcome Manager software. The core features are the automation of welcoming customers while the waiting time is bridged and the customer can explore the whole store until he gets contacted by a service professional.

    One challenge in retail is to drive in-store shopper engagement and give customer a perfect consulting experience. With the here described in-store kiosk solution it is shown, how you can master this challenge and how you also can satisfy sales agents having more time to turn customers’ needs into up- and cross-selling opportunities.


PLS is a superbly designed combination of technics, methods and algorithms. To achieve unrivalled robust and accurate real-time positioning, it calculates the exact position of a tag device or smartphone by the Angle-of-Arrival (AoA) method. PLS takes the advantages of long Tag battery lifetime and compatibility to mobile devices with using Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) technology.
  • AoA Signal Processing – Unrivalled Accuracy Robustness

    Most other Bluetooth® positioning methods use the signal strength (RSSI) to calculate location data. PLS processes the direction of a radio signal transmitted by a BLE Tag or “Puck”. This method ensures the accuracy of measurement is always between 6” and 10” irrespective of the distance or elevation of the object.

  • Smartphone Compatible

    The PLS can locate any Bluetooth® Low Energy device transmitting a specified radio packet.

  • Innovative Automation

    The innovative mechatronical dispensing unit helps to automate sales processes. It is easily integrated in digitized environments and enables highest automation with binding positioning information to data of sales or services processes.

  • Pyramid Smart Voice Table Service

    For the convenience of your staff and the guests PLS offers the Pyramid smart voice table service to get order or positioning information of guests. This feature is combined with the Pyramid Restaurant Automation.

  • API open for ISVs

    Based on fully documented and open API infrastructure it is easy to integrate PLS into your existing systems. The system provides documents for standard JSON formats.


All the components required for your indoor positioning application are supplied by Pyramid in one package.
  • Puck

    Pucks are lightweight and Bluetooth low energy consuming tag devices. They can individually be printed in any color. Pucks can also support paging solutions.


  • Table Tents

    Table Tents can individually be printed in realistic colors. They are lightweight and unbreakable tags for guests or customers. They can be located in any location of the monitored area.

  • Antenna/Receiver

    The PLS Receiver is discreetly and elegantly designed to fit unobtrusively into any indoor environment. It is a compact and lightweight device, and comes with an easy to use mounting bracket.

  • Server Hub

    Our PLS server hub manages all communication throughout the entire PLS infrastructure. It receives data from the antennas, manages the data through the advanced positioning algorithms, to provide an accurate location. It offers a standard JSON/REST-push/pull API, that enables seamless integration with your individual application.

  • Kiosk & Automated Puck Dispenser

    To automate sales processes the polytouch passport 32 can be equipped with the innovative mechatronical dispensing unit. It is easily integrated in digitised environments and enables highest automation with binding data of sales, order or service processes to indoor positioning information.


Radio-based Indoor Positioning Technologies

Pyramid Computer has significant expertise in the indoor location sector and has developed a number of location products. We use this expertise to create the best mix of hardware, software for the sector. We know there are a number of competing technologies in the indoor localization sectors and a simple comparison can help customers understand the benefits of each type. A starting point is to distinguish the technology used and the methodology adopted to determine the position. PLS has adopted the ultimate mix of technology and methodology to provide the perfect indoor positioning solution.

The following table compares a number of radio-based technologies and their attributes

Accuracy4in – 8in
(0,1m – 0,2m)
10ft – 20ft
(3m – 6m)
Smartphone usageyesyesnono
HW costsmediumlowmedium-highmedium



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