Data storage solutions according to your requirements.

Keep your data under control

AKHET® hardware solutions built to our standard are suitable for on premise storage or archiving of large and sensitive data. Our solutions are always customized to meet customers’ capacity, redundancy and I/O requirements, whether as storage in SAN or as replicated virtual storage in high availability environments.

Use Cases

AKHET® has the solution experts for your applications.
  • Archiving

    Legal retention periods in medicine, administrative or tax law are between 10 and 30 years. The requirements for systems for long-term archiving in terms of component availability and reliability are correspondingly high.

  • Retail

    Server operation in the store infrastructure, data storage and high availability of services are among the aspects of IT in the retail sector. Customers rely on Pyramid Computer’s experience in the development, production, long-term availability, Europe-wide logistics and service of their products.



AKHET solutions are tailored to your needs. AKHET turns performance, function, dimensions and appearance into your product: We provide components, front panels, select the colors of the chassis so that it exactly matches the corporate design. In this way, the product contributes to the successful appearance of your company.