Pyramid Computer and FreeStylus, a Philadelphia based Company, are entering a strategic partnership


Pyramid Computer GmbH
Boetzinger Strasse 60
79111 Freiburg, Germany


The objective of this cooperation is to offer users an alternative and better experience with safer interactions while keeping the environment in mind. Both companies unite their efforts to restore the consumer confidence regarding touch interaction displays while providing a solution that aims to slowdown the spread of the Corona virus.

GILBERT, Arizona (PRWEB) September 24, 2020 – As the Center for Disease Control stated in March, SARS-CoV-2 virus can stay alive on surfaces for a time. By touching contaminated object or surfaces and then touching their faces, people may acquire SARS-CoV-2. To mitigate the risk, the free stylus aims to slow the spread of the virus by replacing the operation of a device with fingers by operating it with a pen.

“Seeing our customers and their needs and react by looking for innovative solutions is part of our flexibility at Pyramid Computer,” said Ryan Lagace, COO of Pyramid Computer in North America.

Ryan Lagace, COO of Pyramid Computer in North America said:
“As we continue to develop and offer best-in-class technology solutions to the market, we also want to ensure our customers have all the options at their disposal to interact with our kiosks. FreeStylus is an alternative concept solution that enables the user to leverage a recyclable paper stylus to safely interact with the kiosk. Seeing our customers and their needs and react by looking for innovative solutions that enhance their experience with our kiosks in these uncertain times is part of our flexibility at Pyramid Computer.”

Scott Wasser, CEO and Founder of FreeStylus:
“We are very excited to be working with Pyramid Computer in the kiosk and self-service industries. We are partnering with them to provide an innovative solution to public touch technology that benefits the users well-being and safety.”

FreeStylus has designed/invented the recyclable stylus which can be used on multiple applications that require touch interaction from the public: for example kiosks, ATM’s and Payment Readers. The FreeStylus comes with an automatic dispenser that can be mounted on a wall, a table, or freestanding, depending on the customer’s requirements. Therefore, Interactions with touch-points are conducted in a safer, more hygienic, and touch-free manner.

About Pyramid Computer

Pyramid Computer is a leading developer and manufacturer of IT solutions for the retail & hospitality market. The company hardware solutions include interactive kiosks, network & security server as well as computer vision systems.
Pyramid Computer, founded in 1985, is today the #1 manufacturer worldwide of self-ordering kiosks for restaurants – over 40.000 kiosks were shipped to the well-known global enterprises.
Customer proximity, flexibility and modularity combined with innovation guarantee minimum time-to-market and best in class solutions for the fast-growing market of digitalized marketplaces.
More than 130 employees are based at the headquarters in Freiburg and our production and logistics facility near Erfurt.
Pyramid Computer has been certified according to DIN EN ISO9001 since 1997 and is regularly and successfully audited by large industrial customers.