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Pierre Vieweg
Head of Department IT Retail Technology Field Service Maintenance Edeka Handelsgesellschaft Nordbayern-Sachsen-Thueringen mbH

“Only a medium-sized company has the necessary flexibility and is fast enough to develop a system from scratch - within 5 months. And it's looking great!"

POLYTOUCH® taking self-checkout IN GROCERY to the next level

SCO Kiosk for EDEKA

The EDEKA SCO Portal is a self-checkout solution specially developed and designed for one of the leading grocers in Germany – the EDEKA association.

The solid and well thought out concept allows for an easy integration into existing store concepts. The alternative to established tills enhances the customer experience by enabling an independent check out and reducing queue times. It comes along with a unique design, which is user friendly and combines every important feature a self-checkout should cover. Equipped with a payment module, a scale, a display and a wide-angle scanner that quickly captures barcodes, the Portal is the fast lane check-out solution that makes every visit to the next store a seamless experience.

Especially for customers who only have small baskets and want to check-out fast – this is the way. If customers want a redemption of their bottle deposit receipt, this can also be done at the self-checkout – completely independent. The high serviceability and modularity ensure the durability of the system. The acrylic frame not only looks elegant, it makes the maintenance easy: the peripherals are mounted with finger screws, therefore no special tools are needed. The EDEKA SCO Portal can be mounted on different furniture, making it easy to find a place in existing store concepts or including it in future store concepts.


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