Reverse IPO: Pyramid goes public


Pyramid Computer GmbH
Boetzinger Strasse 60
79111 Freiburg, Germany

Pyramid stays Pyramid – but with more power.

Freiburg, Germany, 03th November 2020 – Pyramid Computer, as one of the leading manufacturers of specialized IT systems, is represented in numerous fast-growing markets. This growth perspective is represented by the increasing demand for automation solutions and contactless interaction with technological innovations like ordering, paying or travelling in this globalized world.

Since we are focused on achieving our growth targets and continue with our internationalization, to stay on the current course is not enough: we have to accelerate it! For this reason, mic AG has acquired Pyramid under the condition precedent of full financing.

With the listed mic AG, Pyramid has a partner for quickly and easily financing investments via the stock exchange. Flexibility is an important factor, especially in the IT industry, in order to be more competitive and fully realize our great ambitions. Pyramid stays Pyramid, but with more power: contracts remain valid and previous contact persons stay the same.

The operational management will now completely be handed over to the new management under Josef Schneider, who himself is also a shareholder. The existing shareholders continue to hold significant shares of the company.

With this decision, we create clarity and perspectives for customers, partners and suppliers.

About Pyramid Computer

Pyramid Computer has focused on the development and manufacture of high performance and tailor-made IT solutions since 1985. The company has produced more than 40,000 customized kiosk terminals for QSR and retail customers throughout the world. In addition, it has developed a uniquely precise system for localization and automation in hospitality and retail – Pyramid Location System. All products including IT hardware, indoor localization, and Network & Security and Industrial PC & Imaging products are engineered and designed in Germany for shipment and installation via worldwide OEM and distribution partners.