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32” PASSPORT in pharmacies

Introduction of Self-Information and
Self-Checkout for the pharmacy’s

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Keti Meladze
Marketing Director of Pharmacy Network

„This technology is familiar in many areas, although it was innovation in
the pharmaceutical sector […]. We treated it as a challenge, as an opportunity to create more comfort for our customers. First, we observed a several devices, but fast it become clear, that Pyramid´s PASSPORT is exactly the kind of terminal, we need to implement in our pharmaceutical chain.“


32" PASSPORT in pharmacies & drugstores

Aversi is the largest pharmacy chain in the Republic of Georgia. With the introduction of Pyramid Computer’s self-service terminals, more and more of its branches are adding value for both customers and staff.

One of the key tasks of pharmacists and their staff is to advise customers about the effects of medication and medical products. Their responsibilities ,also include preparing medication according to a doctor’s prescription and providing medical aids or delivery services to people who are unable to leave their homes. There is oftennot enough time for these important jobs, either due to staff shortages or because of long queues of customers waiting to be served. Against this background, Aversi launched a survey in 2019 to find out about consumer attitude towards self-service solutions.

The findings were encouraging, and self-checkout solutions were subsequently introduced in a select number of branches for standard non-medicinal products. Management agreed that this innovation broke new ground in the industry.



Read the full story and learn more about the project !


Polytouch 32 Passport

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