optimizes orders in QSR's

Finnish fast-food chain decides on hardware from Pyramid Computer GmbH

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Kari Salmela
CEO at Hesburger

“Out of 3 kiosk providers we had in mind, Pyramid turned out to be the best hardware solution provider for us.”

optimizing orders in QSR

PASSPORT 32 for Hesburger

The POLYTOUCH 32″ PASSPORT kiosk provides customers of Hesburger with a contactless, fast and reliable alternative to the established order process at the counter. The large scale, high resolution display shows menu options and add ups in a clear and well-structured manner. Ultra responsive, the touch screen allows for an intuitive operation, registering even the slightest touch.

The in-house developed AKHET® PC Box with industrial performance standards and long term workload capacity is equipped with an Intel® Core™ processor, providing a high quality standard and long-term asset for Hesburger.

Our POLYTOUCH 32″ PASSPORT kiosk is the most flexible when it comes to various mounting options: the kiosk can be installed in 3 different ways – wallmount, single or double sided on a pedestal – ensuring a small footprint, at the same time providing enough space for a wide range of peripherals from various manufacturers, making it the best fit for every use case.

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Polytouch 32 Passport

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