polytouch® 32 passport – voice recognition kiosk

In public spaces, mouth-nose covers, distance regulations and strict hygiene measures have become the new standard. But due to the detectability of the virus from several hours in the air and on surfaces up to several days, it can be assumed that the virus is concentrated in rooms and buildings.

It therefore makes sense to use future technologies, for example fast food or fast food restaurants, also for self-order or self-service processes, to avoid direct contact with surfaces to a greater extent. This also allows hygiene regulations to be implemented more efficiently.

Together with HiAuto, a specialist for voice recognition, and MENU, a specialist for omni-channel ordering, the manufacturer Pyramid Computer has expanded its polytouch 32 passport inclusive Intel®-based PC kiosks with voice control.

Effective protection during the ordering process at self-order kiosks is now very simple: the guest can place his order on the system via voice commands. All offered food and beverages can be selected on the basis indicated letters by language. The conclusion of an order is of course also possible via a contactless payment terminal.

About MENU Technologies AG

MENU Technology AG stands for ordering and engagement solution for restaurant brands across all channels from Mobile to Kiosk and Web. Anytime and anywhere for a dine-in, take-out, delivery or pay-at-table.

About HiAuto

Hi Auto developed a software only speech enhancement and speaker separation system that eliminates the most challenging noises and focus only on the speaker.

About Sodaclick

Sodaclick offers a multilingual voice controlled digital signage solution for retail, hospitality, and a fully conversational AI virtual assistant for quick service restaurants.