Back to business with temperature check kiosks based on the world class hardware of Pyramid Computer


Pyramid Computer GmbH
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79111 Freiburg, Germany

Thanks to a global partner network and a modular system of kiosk platforms, Pyramid can offer new solutions in fight against COVID-19 within days.

Freiburg, Germany, May 22 2020 – Pyramid Computer announced new thermal sensing kiosk solutions for the European and North American market to help stop the spread of the virus. Countries around the world are reopening and have started relaxing lockdown measures.

Temperature checks are becoming the new norm and will be part of many public places such as workspace, airports, stations, shops, restaurants, healthcare facilities, schools, universities, conference, concert and sporting venues.

Pyramid Computer and its software partners have developed thermal sensing kiosks to help enterprises comply with new strict health check and social distancing expectations in the current and post-Covid-19 landscape.

The kiosk solutions are ensuring privacy and security for all user data, and corporate compliance with global privacy regulations.
Combining contactless thermal temperature screening sensors with specific software solutions, the polytouch® kiosks offers a level of public access safety and accuracy that exceeds human-error prone processes.

The temperature kiosk solution for the North American market developed with the software partner IntraEdge powered by Intel is based on the polytouch® flex21.5 series and is ADA compliant. The turn-key market ready solution has an intuitive customizable UI / UX and ID card authentication. A contactless check-in process can be integrated into existing HR systems and can support card scanning and manual inputs as needed.

For the European market Pyramid Computer launched a solution which is used in border control passport verification and biometric facial recognition. It is based on the polytouch® 32 curve line and works with software from Essentry (formerly ZipKey).

About Pyramid Computer

Pyramid Computer has focused on the development and manufacture of high performance and tailor-made IT solutions since 1985. The company has produced more than 40,000 customized kiosk terminals for QSR and retail customers throughout the world. In addition, it has developed a uniquely precise system for localization and automation in hospitality and retail – Pyramid Location System. All products including IT hardware, indoor localization, and Network & Security and Industrial PC & Imaging products are engineered and designed in Germany for shipment and installation via worldwide OEM and distribution partners.