Contactless access control to buildings


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New terminal solution from Pyramid Computer and essentry automates visitor management.

Automation solution from Pyramid Computer and essentry provides secure control of building access and increases safety and hygiene standards.

Freiburg, Germany, December 8 2020 – Pyramid Computer GmbH, a leading manufacturer of kiosk terminals and industrial PC solutions, and essentry, specialist for high-security visitor management, present the new polytouch® 32 curve – access control kiosk for the European market. The kiosk system manages, verifies and authorizes persons accessing company buildings or buildings in public areas – contactless.

At many entrances to buildings, company premises or public areas, identity card control and verification often does not take place at all or only by means of a manual visual inspection, so the authentication and assignment to the person is only possible to a limited extent. In the worst case, this practice can even violate contracts with customers and service providers as well as legal and regulatory requirements. The new kiosk solution from Pyramid Computer & essentry addresses this problem and ensures the highest security standards by helping companies, institutions, or public bodies to implement identity controls when entering buildings or areas. This is done through automatic multi-factor authentication, without direct contact with employees, guests or visitors.

Identity verification based on the polytouch® 32 curve

The identity verification system is based on the polytouch® 32 curve kiosk and offers integrated devices such as a scanner for ID documents, a camera with depth and RGB sensor and a card dispenser with RFID reader/writer. The system provides options for verifying identity by matching log-in data with visitor’s ID and biometric data. In combination with essentry’s EU-DSGVO-compliant software, the authenticity of official identification documents such as the ID card is verified at check-in and the identity of the person is completed by a face comparison.

Temperature sensing and access control to buildings

Thanks to its modular design, the kiosk system can be optionally equipped with a temperature screening device and can also query the location of risk areas and the state of health. This enables companies to identify people infected with Corona virus at an early stage of the disease. This increases the security in the building and on the premises and reduces the risk of infection for customers, employees and visitors.

Automation in facility management

While the digital transformation of IT security and access control systems is well advanced, the physical reception process in many companies is still a lengthy, sometimes manual process.

With the polytouch® 32 curve – access control kiosk from Pyramid and the essentry visitor management platform, the entire visitor process can be managed, secured and automated. Reception staff, for example, can be efficiently deployed for other activities. For high-security areas, which today still require 24/7 staffing by qualified personnel, a fully automated solution with a connection to a security control centre can lead to significant savings.

About essentry GmbH

essentry is an enterprise-grade visitor management platform to secure and manage the entire cycle of visitor operations. With a unique visitor verification process that uses both identity card authentication and face matching, essentry leverages artificial intelligence and biometric technology to make customer facilities safer and more secure. This automated process integrates seamlessly into existing IT systems and replaces inefficient reception procedures. The results delivered are a clear return on investment and an elevated visitor experience without compromising security. essentry originates from the demanding German data center industry where high security facilities are an absolute necessity. Today, we provide essentry as a managed service that can be used across any industry, organization, and geographic location.

About Pyramid Computer

Pyramid Computer is a leading developer and manufacturer of IT solutions for the retail & hospitality market. The company hardware solutions include interactive kiosks, network & security server as well as computer vision systems.
Pyramid Computer, founded in 1985, is today the #1 manufacturer worldwide of self-ordering kiosks for restaurants – over 40.000 kiosks were shipped to the well-known global enterprises.
Customer proximity, flexibility and modularity combined with innovation guarantee minimum time-to-market and best in class solutions for the fast-growing market of digitalized marketplaces.
More than 130 employees are based at the headquarters in Freiburg and our production and logistics facility near Erfurt.
Pyramid Computer has been certified according to DIN EN ISO9001 since 1997 and is regularly and successfully audited by large industrial customers.