faytech®: Modular Front Kit & Back Kit Solution

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We’re excited to introduce the new project of our brand faytech®: the “Modular Front Kit & Back Kit Solution.”

Some might be wondering: “What exactly does ‘modular’ mean in this context?” or “What makes it modular?”

The new system allows each customer to choose from a wide range of front kits (touch displays) and back kits (PCs) for the combination that best suits their use case.

With this approach, faytech is able to offer over two million custom SKUs.

faytech® delivers the PCs and the displays separately to various distributors. They assemble these front and back kits that have been chosen by the customer and ship it to them as the finished product.

This approach allows for an easy switch between different front and back kit configurations, providing the freedom to choose from various display sizes and PC variants.

The new modular solution reduces the inventory costs, but also enables assembly and manufacturing to be done locally.

This creates a wide range of conventional product possibilities, expediting project completion and offering extensive customization options.

Another significant benefit lies in the convenience of upgrading the product. Instead of investing in an entirely new display PC, which can be considerably more expensive, customers now have the flexibility to decide which kit requires an upgrade and purchase the chosen kit.

This not only increases the affordability but also enhances the convenience and thus the overall contentment for the customer.

Check out this brand-new animation on YouTube. For more in-depth content, we’ve created this PowerPoint to showcase the finer details.

Of course, it is still possible to buy pre-assembled Touch-PCs in the traditional way.

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