New self bag drop installation at Milano Malpensa Airport

Pax.Go Kiosk Solution at Milan Airport

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In early April of 2021, a new self bag drop system went live at Milano Malpensa Airport. As the largest international airport in the Milan metropolitan area in northern Italy, the launch of 13 Materna Pax.Go self bag drop units in Terminal 1 allows easyJet passengers to complete the baggage drop process automatically.

In the beginning of April this year, 13 Pax.Go self bag drop units started operation at Milano Malpensa Airport with easyJet as the launch airline. This is only phase one of our new common use self bag drop system at Malpensa airport. By April 2022 a total of 21 Pax.Go units will have been installed.

The SBDs are implemented as one-step solution, allowing passengers to complete the bag drop process on their own without the necessity of the service of an agent. All units are IATA CUSS compliant, so the platform allows the integration of any other airline application, and the system can be easily shared. While so far easyJet is the launch airline with SEA Milan Airports for the Materna IPS self bag drop solutions at Malpensa airport, we have ability to modify the Pax.Go units easily which allows tailor-made configurations for individual customer requirements.

In cooperation with our Partner Materna IPS – a system integrator that provides IT solutions for enhanced travel experience and automated passenger handling – we developed a special configuration of the POLYTOUCH® CURVE Pax.Go.

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