polytouch® 55 4K: The world’s first all-in-one multitouch system with UHD display

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Highest PC performance, image brilliance and high-end touch technology – polytouch® 55 4K by Pyramid Computer provides a new dimension of user experience.

Freiburg, 21. October 2015 – The Freiburg based Pyramid Computer GmbH, a specialist in development and manufacture of modular IT systems and solutions, is introducing its brand new polytouch® 55 4K. The latest member of the polytouch® product line offers a totally new dimension of user experience thanks to its ultra-high definition display (UHD). This solution delivers maximum image brilliance (3840*2160px) and is equipped with high-end touch technology that ensures maximum touch accuracy. The polytouch® 55 4K is designed for a variety of industries and applications, and is particularly suited as information terminal, for product presentations, for interactive signage, as an infotainment terminal or as way-finding application.

It’s all about user experience

Multimedia marketing, an enhanced service concept, simplicity and interactivity are the success factors for interactive multitouch systems in any industry. Demand for such multitouch system solutions is still growing and the array of applications is diverse, with a distinct focus on real-time content. Highest PC performance guarantees a perfect user experience and enthusiastic customers.
The polytouch® 55 4K with integrated modular panel PC delivers a real competitive advantage with its razor-sharp image and super-accurate touch input, known from consumer products like smart phones or tablet computers, at the smallest footprint . This offers customers a totally new dimension of user experience, helping to get customers excited, accelerate customer loyalty and offer new service concepts.

The ultimate modular solutions – your competitive edge

polytouch® 55 4K is available in two versions: Either as all-in-one-multitouch system with integrated panel PC or as stand-alone multitouch-display. Whatever the application requires – polytouch® 55 4K is the perfect solution.
The latest polytouch® model, the polytouch® 55 4K, is especially made for large display applications. Its 55-inch display is equipped with cutting-edge light-insensitivity and high-end touch technologies affording unbeatable precision input without parallax.
polytouch® 55 4K features PCAP touch technology as well as InGlass™ touch-technology which makes the product perfectly customizable for best user experience.
The system is able to process up to ten touch points in parallel with ease, with a latency of less than fifteen milliseconds. Special pressure detection opens up further input. The display (3840×2160) supports ultra-HD resolution. The polytouch® 55 4K combines unprecedented image brilliance with maximum user friendliness.

The stylish design of the system offers a variety of mounting options, making it suitable for lots of applications. The modular concept allows installation as a stand-alone display, wall mounting and mounting inside objects such as tables and walls. A broad set of service and upgrade options are available. The integrated panel PC is equipped with the latest-generation Intel® Core™ i7-6700T processor, 8GB DDR PC1600 memory and mSATA SSD 4 128GB drives. The system is compatible with Windows 10 (32/64 bit), Windows 8 (32/64 bit) and Linux. It is thus ideal for sophisticated business applications aimed at achieving the greatest possible customer satisfaction.


Pyramid Computer GmbH
Marketing Department
Boetzinger Strasse 60
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