Pyramid presents the filia® product line


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The filia® range caters specifically for retail-market requirements. The unique compact design frees up for retail purposes expensive floor space that was previously used for the IT infrastructure, simplifies service and reduces costs.

Compact & cost-efficient – The filia® solution

All functionalities previously delivered by bulky servers installed in expensive racks have been integrated into a single, compact unit. Our years-long experience in developing solutions for the retail industry ensures that the filia® range provides high reliability, even in harsh environments.

About Pyramid Computer

Pyramid Computer has focused on the development and manufacture of high performance and tailor-made IT solutions since 1985. The company has produced more than 30,000 customized kiosk terminals for QSR and retail customers throughout the world. In addition, it has developed a uniquely precise system for localization and automation in hospitality and retail – Pyramid Location System. All products including IT hardware, indoor localization, and Network & Security and Industrial PC & Imaging products are engineered and designed in Germany for shipment and installation via worldwide OEM and distribution partners.