Pyramid presents the filia® product line


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The filia® range caters specifically for retail-market requirements. The unique compact design frees up for retail purposes expensive floor space that was previously used for the IT infrastructure, simplifies service and reduces costs.

Compact & cost-efficient – The filia® solution

All functionalities previously delivered by bulky servers installed in expensive racks have been integrated into a single, compact unit. Our years-long experience in developing solutions for the retail industry ensures that the filia® range provides high reliability, even in harsh environments.

About Pyramid Computer

Pyramid Computer is a leading developer and manufacturer of IT solutions for the retail & hospitality market. The company hardware solutions include interactive kiosks, network & security server as well as computer vision systems.
Pyramid Computer, founded in 1985, is today the #1 manufacturer worldwide of self-ordering kiosks for restaurants – over 40.000 kiosks were shipped to the well-known global enterprises.
Customer proximity, flexibility and modularity combined with innovation guarantee minimum time-to-market and best in class solutions for the fast-growing market of digitalized marketplaces.
More than 130 employees are based at the headquarters in Freiburg and our production and logistics facility near Erfurt.
Pyramid Computer has been certified according to DIN EN ISO9001 since 1997 and is regularly and successfully audited by large industrial customers.