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Self Ordering Kiosk Solutions

How we improve Self Ordering in
Quick-Service & Fast Casual Restaurants

According to the 2021 State of the Industry Report published by the NRA, 40% of operators across all 6 restaurant segments – quick serve, fast casual, family, fine dining, and coffee and snack – have incorporated technology into their day-to-day operations. First in the top 3 emerging technologies used by customers are: Kiosks.

Our four Polytouch® kiosks displayed on this page are especially suited for self-ordering in fast-paced venues. Read on how they differ and which product is the best choice for your location and customers.

POLYTOUCH® Kiosks for Self-Ordering

Our Self-Ordering Kiosks are available in sizes from 21.5″ up to 32″ and in Various Mounting Options. Make it work in every store.

Benefits of implementing our Kiosk Terminals

Lower Costs

Kiosks keep costs down on the long run because they automate processes. For example, you save on labor or free up your employees to perform other tasks such as customer care or service. In addition, manual, time-consuming processes are eliminated or efficiently redesigned.

Saves Time per Order

As the entire ordering process is covered-from exploring the menu to placing an order and finishing with payment, time taken for in-person conversation and clarification is eliminated,. This cuts the average order time up to 40% – meaning that more people can order in the same given time period as if they were ordering at the counter.

Reduces the Error Ratio for Orders

People are not machines, and that’s good. But sometimes, human interaction is an error-prone process. Orders are either mixed up or misunderstood when it gets crowded or stressful and noisy, resulting in negative guest experiences and longer waiting times. Since the customer is always in full control of their order process, the error rate is reduced to almost 0.

Attract More Customers

For many customers, technology equals convenience. Especially in quick-service restaurants, fast-casual restaurants or other venues where being served quickly and conveniently is the core of the concept. By implementing kiosks, you provide a fast and efficient ordering option that will be a deciding factor to visit your establishment – for an increasing number of people.

Increase Ticket Value

Upselling and cross-selling is a proven effect of installing kiosks: the well-structured, nicely presented menu options and add- ons increase the possibility for unintended extra purchases with every single customer. The intelligent recommendation capability identifies items that are commonly bought together and suggest these during the selection process. Also, the risk of human oversight is reduced.

Generate Data Analytics

People are not machines, and that’s good. But sometimes, human interaction is an error-prone process. Orders are either mixed up or misunderstood when it gets crowded or stressful and noisy, resulting in negative guest experiences and longer waiting times. Since the customer is always in full control of their order process, the error rate is reduced to almost 0.


Straight forward and efficient

We are specialists in digital self-service in the food service industry. We are expanding our position in the industry with the SWIFT, our new kiosk terminal within the POLYTOUCH® brand.

Restaurant Automation

Keeps the order processing fast & reliable


With smart peripherals



The dual sided kiosk is optimized for a high workload capacity. This is especially interesting for qsr’s, restaurants, bakeries, cinemas or other brick and mortar stores.
It ensures less queues for customers during peak times while optimizing the order and payment process.
With the miniaturized footprint, it was never easier to implement an all in one kiosk solution into existing store concepts.


Restaurant Automation

Keeps the order processing fast & reliable

Ready for peak times

Double-sided kiosk for high workload capacity


With its large and responsive display, we have optimized the 32″ PASSPORT for order processing in quick service and fast casual restaurants and as a ticketing solution (cinemas, concerts, shows, exhibitions).

You can replace consumables in no time at all via the easily accessible service flap. Equally uncomplicated is the conversion or retrofitting of the kiosk with peripheral modules that are simply hooked into the mounting plate. In this way, you can make the kiosk ready for new challenges without any effort.

Polytouch 32 Passport

Easy maintenance & strong performance

Belly with

This clever plug-and-play principle

Elegant design and easy installation - Tool-free!


Kiosk terminal with the DNA of POLYTOUCH®:
Maximum flexibility in design, installation and use case


Our POLYTOUCH® FLEX21.5 represents maximized functionality in the smallest possible space. The reduced user interaction area makes operating the system intuitive and comfortable. The robust chassis withstands damages due to splashing water or dirt. The durable operating system will not fail, even if it is used frequently over a long time.

Maximum flexibility in design, installation and use case


Full customization for your corporate colors and logos

FLEX lite

Our POLYTOUCH® FLEX21.5 LITE is the ideal solution for minimalist design fans who want to experience greatest simplicity in combination with the most elegant design. Providing an intuitive user experience, our Flex 21.5 Lite enables you to offer a space saving, cost efficient and elegant technology asset for your venue.

Space-saving and various mounting possibilities

Almost frameless
& super-flat touch display

Why choose a POLYTOUCH® Kiosk ?

When selecting a kiosk provider, many factors must be taken into account. Why should you select Pyramid as a kiosk manufacturer?.

Intuitive and easy to navigate interface

The highly responsive displays make browsing through the menu pleasing and intuitive, the selection of menu options safe and sound. The module placement is ergonomic and avoids that there could be an uncomfortable feeling not knowing how to operate a kiosk. With our software partners, we provide self-explanatory menus that guide customers through the order process, making navigation and exploring through the menu a pleasant journey.

Plug & Play Kiosk

Our kiosks easily fit into existing operating ecosystems. We deliver them ready to use, no need to overhaul any of the systems already installed. This way, our kiosks are the perfect completion to your systems already in use.

Space efficiency

We offer various mounting options for our kiosks. This enables flexible placement that does not impede the flow of human traffic. The lean design of the kiosks will not take up much floor or counter space so that you can always find a spot to position them. With their sophisticated design and optional pole light, our kiosks draw customer’s attention – also during peak times.

Customer support and assistance

With our international presence, we have someone on hand every step of the way to help with the integration or to teach staff. Your referring contact will be available 24×7 for technical support. With our long-standing experience, we can provide you with insight and advice on how a kiosk integration helps you to grow a customer base, market products and increase sales.

Restaurant Automation with PLS


Precise, flexible and intelligent paging or real time localization systems for your restraurant.

We leveraged our years of business experience and channeled our agility and creativity to develop a holistic concept that combines reliable performance, ease usability and flexibility of integration.

The three packages of the Pyramid Paging/Localization System are called BASIC, PROFESSIONAL, EXPERT and are designed to meet any need in the Self Ordering Market.

Want to know how it works and what´s in it for you?

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