Intelligent Identification

In almost all areas of the manufacturing industry, automated solutions have replaced the human eye as an inspection system. In order for the complex interaction of state-of-the-art video, lighting and sensor technologies to function smoothly adequate server systems are essential to control them.

The development and production of servers to control automated processes for machine vision applications is one of AKHET® ‘s core competencies. Such systems reliably regulate the interaction of camera, lighting, sensor and conveyor units – even when used in difficult industrial environments.

Use Cases

AKHET offers customized solutions for your applications.

Quality Assurance in Production

Various solutions for quality control through industrial image processing are based on our BoxFlex and VarioFlex platforms. The systems are used by our customers in inspection facilities to control the interaction of camera, lighting, sensor and conveyor units – even when used in difficult industrial environments. They avoid the smallest process errors that could lead to costly blockages of inspection lines or damage to the inspection equipment. This demonstrates the importance of a server system that also functions reliably in continuous operation under high emission loads (dust, high temperatures or vibrations).

Plastic Packaging

In inspection systems for the plastic packaging industry, containers, bottles and closures, among other things, are inspected for various defects. For the testing of up to 100,000 elements/hour in inspection systems, Pyramid manufactures high-performance industrial PCs whose key figures such as performance, design and robustness are matched directly to the customer’s requirements.

Paper & Packaging

Enterprises for paper and packaging have the demand on a defect free production. They use systems to detect quality issues immediately and reliably within their press. The core of the inspection is a detection & control computer server that gathers all visual data, qualifies and detects defects, informs the operator, generates reports. And, if quality issues are detected, it can initiate to eject sheets appropriately.
Pyramid Computer manufactures IPCs and servers like the VarioFlex 4U 350 Front I/O that withstand this harsh environment of dust, heat and humidity excellently. Of course they hold all I/O ports for sensors input and they are providing outstanding performance for a 100% defect free packaging production.


System Controller 1U
VF 1U 360 Front I/O

CamCube - BoxFlex M

Inspection Controller
VF 4U 350 Front I/O


AKHET® solutions are tailored to your needs. AKHET® turns performance, function, dimensions and appearance into your product: We provide components, front panels, select the colors of the chassis so that it exactly matches the corporate design. In this way, the product contributes to the successful appearance of your company.

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