Connecting Turnkey Solutions

Connecting Turnkey Solutions

Powerful and modern network technology is an indispensable prerequisite for economic success in trade and industry. Solutions are used by our customers to connect home offices with companies, core components with IIoT, service with production facilities and branches with headquarters using their software.

AKHET® Technology has been providing ISVs with high-quality, future-proof, long-term turnkey solutions for over 20 years – tailored to your needs.

Use Cases

AKHET offers customized solutions for your applications.

Remote maintenance in the industrial environment

In the industrial environment, more and more networked systems are cooperating and can be maintained remotely. In this way, for example, product quality can be safeguarded and plant productivity increased at the same time. To enforce protection against malware, phishing or Dos attacks and to secure the remote access of such systems, appropriate security gateways for industry are required. AKHET offers perfectly tailored systems to provide secure remote access for remote diagnosis and remote maintenance in industry.

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Production Data Acquisition

Communication in the business environment covers areas such The digitization of industry within the framework of the IIOT is transforming the factory into a smart factory. In the process, it is transforming not only actual production, but also related processes such as production data acquisition and machine maintenance. In the area of store floor data collection, AKHET® solutions support our systems engineering customers in processing digitally recorded order, material, workstation and personnel data. In the area of machine maintenance, AKHET® solutions enable the data link between our customers’ service and the production plant.

Unified Communication

Communication in the business environment covers areas such as collaboration, accessibility, mobility, productivity. Unified communications solutions occupy a central position in companies and are geared towards IP connectivity, reliability and scalability. The modular principle of the AKHET® platforms enables manufacturers of communications software to offer complete solutions in their market whose equipment, performance, housing dimensions, branding and also logistics (drop-shipping) are tailored precisely to the desired company sizes.


Wallmount Server

Desktop Server

VarioFlex 1U 460

Multipurpose Gateway
VarioFlex 1U 225


AKHET® solutions are tailored to your needs. AKHET® turns performance, function, dimensions and appearance into your product: We provide components, front panels, select the colors of the chassis so that it exactly matches the corporate design. In this way, the product contributes to the successful appearance of your company.

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