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  1. Front Side Connectors
  2. Low installation depth
  3. AC or DC PSU

AKHET VarioFlex Front I/O

Rack Server Series with front-side I/O

The VarioFlex front I/O series are compact and performance-optimized 19″ rackmount modules and are characterized by front-side I/O connections and high performance scaling in a small space.
Based on their small installation depth of only 250 mm and the available AC or DC power supply, they are optimized for measurement technology, image processing and data center applications.


The VarioFlex series offer great flexibilty combined with high performance at low energy consumption starting at low depth. It scales from 1U with short chassis and is designed especially for compact rack solutions.
  • VarioFlex 1U Front I/O

    VarioFlex 1U front I/O are characterised by their small installation depth from just 250 mm, connections on the front side and are available as both AC and DC versions. The modular design and the chassis solutions allow an easy realization of individual hardware requirements.

    • Mounting: 1U Rackmount
    • Mounting Depth: 250mm or 350mm
    • Rack Mount: yes
    • Mainboard: mITX, µATX
    • Riser: 1x Full Height
    • CPU: Single Socket
    • DC Power Supply: Optional
  • VarioFlex 2U Front I/O

    The VarioFlex Front I/O 2U 300 – 2U 430 server platform offer high performance class in only a 2U rack mount chassis. Starting from a very compact installation depth of 300mm, the platform can be developed for almost any network or industrial application due to 7 PCIe exansion slots.

    • 2U Rackmount
    • Mounting Depth: 300mm or 430mm
    • Mainboard: mITX, µATX, ATX
    • Expansion Slots PCIe: 7x Low Profile
    • CPU: Single Socket
    • CPU power dissipation (TDP): 90W-140W
  • VarioFlex 4U Front I/O 350

    Compact and full power optimized server platform in 4U rackmount. Enables high performance within smallest mounting depth and various options to fit your application needs.

    • Mounting: 4U Rackmount
    • Mounting Depth: 350mm
    • Rack Mount: yes
    • Mainboard: mITX, µATX, ATX
    • PCIe: 8x Full Height
    • CPU: Single Socket
    • CPU power dissipation (TDP): 140W
    • DC Power Supply: Optional

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