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The FLEX HEALTHCARE solution is intuitive to use and therefore the ideal digital interface to your patients. With the FLEX, you help your patients quickly, reliably and contactlessly, relieve your staff and successfully implement the digitization of your facility.

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Application areas in the eHealth sector are patient management with check-in and check-out handling, visitor guidance and queue management.


E-Health solutions for the Point of Care

The Hospital Program of the Future accelerates the digital transformation of the German healthcare system.

Important clinical processes are to be transformed with digital technologies by 2024 to make admission, treatment, discharge and transfer management more efficient and patient-friendly: in hospitals, medical care centers and doctors’ practices.

Key technologies for the successful digitalization of hospitals are the patient portal and its hardware platform, the patient terminal.

The patient terminal is connected to the telematics infrastructure (TI), as well as to the insurance master data management (VSDM) and the practice software or hospital information system (HIS).

Patient portals, and thus the kiosk terminals on which they are operated, fall under funding category 2 of the Hospital Futures Act (KHZG), meaning that the legislature provides significant funding to healthcare providers for their procurement.

Another goal of the Future Program is to strengthen the security of the IT infrastructure in the healthcare sector to provide the best possible protection for highly sensitive data and vital networks.

This results in a growing need for security solutions. The legislature is also providing considerable funding for their modernization (funding item 10 in the KHZG).

Our AKHET®, faytech® and POLYTOUCH® brands provide the healthcare sector with solutions for the entire digitization journey:

Patient and bedside terminals, digital signage for waiting management and wayfinding systems, security servers and edge devices to defend against cyberattacks.

When you choose Pyramid and our hardware and software partners, you choose state-of-the-art technologies and comprehensive services from a single source for the digitization of your medical facility.

We provide a dedicated contact person for your digitalization project. Your contact partner will be an expert in your industry and will support you from kick-off to roll-out and beyond. A telephone service
line is also available to answer any questions you may have.

We are Pyramid – agile. creative. reliable.


eHealth Kiosk for Point of Care

FLEX healthcare

Service Point & Checkout Kiosk


Polytouch 32 Passport

Pyramid, in collaboration with selected partners, provides medical providers for self-service in the healthcare sector with modern and efficient kiosk terminals.

Invest in the future!

With the Hospitals of the Futures Program

According to the German Federal Statistical Office, healthcare spending in Germany rose from EUR 276.1 billion in 2008 to EUR 440.6 billion in 2020.

Despite such high expenditures, however, doctors, nurses and patients experience work and treatment in hospitals as unsatisfactory.

In view of this situation, the German legislature has prescribed a digitalization push for the German healthcare system.

Important clinical processes are to be transformed with digital technologies by 2024. The Hospitals of the Future Program (HFP) specifies eleven funding-eligible areas for which funds totaling EUR 4.3 billion are available.

Hospitals have been able to start implementing projects and request funding from the Hospital Future Fund (HFF) since September 2, 2020.

Hospital Future Fund

Lay the foundation for the digitalization of your facility now, with government support!

Advantage digitalization

Advantage digitalization

Digitalization makes it possible for time to be a much less scarce resource. It frees up doctors and nurses for their most important task: the individual and intensive treatment and care of patients.

They also benefit from digitalization in other ways: contacting and accessing hospitals becomes easier, and treatment results and treatment plans become more transparent. Patients, for their part, have been open to digital solutions for quite a while already.
As early as 2019, a digitalization report by a major provider of e-health software revealed that 73% of respondents would like to book their doctor‘s appointments online, but this service was only offered rarely. These numbers are an example of the broader acceptance of digital technologies in the healthcare sector.

Workers in the medical and nursing professions also recognize the opportunities offered by digitalization. 42% of experienced staff expect intelligent technologies to reduce their workload and give them more time to treat and care for patients. Younger workers estimate the potential for improvements as even higher.

The fact that digitalization also pays off is shown in the study Digitalization in Healthcare, published in May 2022 by the management and strategy consultancy McKinsey. It estimates the benefits of digital processes and workflows at EUR 43 billion –
per year!

Key technology patient terminal

In healthcare systems in countries with a higher level of digitalization, the kiosk terminal has proven to be a cost-effective and multi-functional solution used readily by people of all ethnicities, ages and educational levels.

The FLEX HEALTHCARE from POLYTOUCH® is a highly compact kiosk terminal for self-check-in at the patient portal of hospitals, medical care centers and medical practices.

Thanks to its small dimensions and intelligent mounting concept, the FLEX fits effortlessly into any existing room concept: on a pedestal, mounted on the wall or as a countertop on the reception desk.

Functionality made in Germany that also looks very good and was awarded the European Product Design Award 2020 for it.

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