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for the Hotel & Accommodation industry

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The best services for your guests – digitally, of course!!

Digitalization Strategies for the Accommodation Industry

In times of staffing shortages, it makes sense to concentrate
available resources where they add the most value for the
guest, and to utilize technology solutions for those tasks that
can be digitized without sacrifi cing service quality.

This includes self-check-in, both during and outside of office hours. 24/7 check-in is especially important for guests who have travelled far and are delayed. 24/7 check-in means: no nerve-racking race against time, but instead a relaxed checkin even when the front desk is closed.

In the very near future, competitive advantages in the accommodation industry from digitalization will extend beyond the current touchpoints. Electromobility is on the rise, and a representative study from 2022 shows that 35% of all
electric car drivers will want to charge their vehicles more
frequently while staying at a hotel. Charging stations are
therefore becoming a must-have!

Because of the great variety in the accommodation industry,
there is no one golden path to successful digitalization. Every
operator will have to decide which digital building blocks
will bring the greatest benefits to their guests, their employees
and themselves.

With its three brands AKHET®, faytech® and Polytouch®, Pyramid
is the prime solution provider for the digitalization of touchpoints in your hotel, motel, hostel or inn.

Our Interactive Kiosk solutions for Self Check-In

FLEX21.5 Check-In

Welcome to our state-of-the-art self-check-out kiosk designed specifically for the hotel and accommodation industry. With a focus on convenience, efficiency, and guest satisfaction, our self-check-out kiosk revolutionizes the check-out process, allowing your guests to experience a seamless and hassle-free departure. Our kiosk is available in two variants, one with an ID scanner and one without, to cater to your specific needs.

Optional ID-Scanner

Streamlined Security and Compliance: The ID scanner ensures that the correct guest information is captured accurately during check-in. This feature enhances security measures and ensures compliance with legal requirements, such as age verification for alcohol purchases.

Embrace the Future of Check-In

Upgrade your hotel or accommodation establishment with our cutting-edge self-check-in kiosk. With its numerous benefits, personalization options, and two available variants, our kiosk enhances guest satisfaction, improves operational efficiency, and ensures a memorable check-in experience. Embrace the future of the hotel and accommodation industry by implementing our self-check-in kiosk today.

FLEX21.5 lite

A compact and efficient check-in kiosk designed specifically for smaller bed & breakfasts, motels, and inns. As the little brother of the popular Flex Landscape, Flex Lite offers a space-saving solution without compromising on functionality or guest satisfaction.

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