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Automated and upgradable paging system!
To evolve with you and your business.

EXPERT Who it works for and how?

Start fastening your processes and enhancing customer experience with this automated paging solution. Gather experience and upgrade to the kiosk and even to the localization function later on if needed.


The PROFESSIONAL is an automated paging system , i.e. an order, a purchase or a service request is assigned to the puck fully automatically after it has been recorded at the POS (Point of Sales or Point of Service). A manual linking to the puck is not required.

The POS can be a counter and/or a kiosk. You can add the kiosk function later. It is also possible to add the localisation function to the whole system at a later date.


Staff or kiosk dispenses puck referring to the order or requested service. Guest, customer, client or patient takes puck.


Staff or kiosk registers when order/service is processed or ready. Guest, customer, client or patient then gets notified by signal of puck. If loaclisation is enabled, staff locates person and delivers order/offers service.


If localisation is enabled, puck is collected by staff. With paging only, guest, customer, client or patient brings the puck back to kiosk or counter for the next usage.

Seamless service and order process – tailored for you and upgradable to fit always – even when your requirements change.

Take your Business on the next level!


Free your employees from time-consuming order taking and invoicing or relieve them from stressful service requests. Focus on what’s important: to enable best service experiences, even during peak times when it gets crowded or you think you’re losing track. Whether you want to shorten the queue, enable self-service ordering or service requests at a kiosk, or even locate people and deliver what they want directly to them: We have a solution for you.

PROFESSIONAL – Core Features and how they work together


Customizable pucks are are lightweight and Bluetooth low energy consuming tag devices for guests, customers, clients and patients. People take it with them and so can either be notified or, if localization is enabled, be located.


Mounted on the ceiling, the Antenna is a compact and lightweight device for the communication between pucks and server hub. The antennas aqre discreetly and elegantly designed to fit unobtrusively into any environment.

Server Hub

The server hub manages all communication throughout the entire infrastructure. It receives data from the antennas and manages this data through advanced algorithms. It offers a standard JSON/REST-push/pull API, that enables seamless integration with your individual application.


The Kiosk with integrated Puck dispenser takes orders, dispenses and retakes Pucks independently. No need for staff to waste time -let them focus on what really matters.

Monitoring Software

The Monitoring Software UI access displays the position of the pucks. Furthermore it enables the evaluation and comparison of valuable data in terms of order processing and waiting times for various locations.

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Flexibly Upgrade- & Retrofittable.



Kiosk integration for full automation

Relief you staff: Our POLYTOUCH® kiosks enable you to leverage every benefit of automation and make everyday business convenient, faster, efficient and simply better.


Monitoring Software

Get access to valuable data, gain insights about store performances and conclude with implications to enhance processes across your locations.

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When your business evolves and paging is no longer enough, simply add the localization option to the PROFESSIONAL system. The openness and flexibility of PROFESSIONAL makes it possible.

Use Cases



big resaurant use case

QSR, Fast Casual & Table Service Restaurants



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