1. Miniaturized footprint
  2. Elegant appearance
  3. Modular product design
  4. Integrated printer, scanner, payment device


Make your point of sale a point of experience: With a hardware solution that unites functionality and design in perfect harmony.

The dual sided kiosk is optimized for a high workload capacity. This is especially interesting for qsr’s, restaurants, bakeries, cinemas or other brick and mortar stores. It ensures less queues for customers during peak times while optimizing the order and payment process.

With the miniaturized footprint, it was never easier to implement an all-in-one kiosk solution into existing store concepts. The designer pedestal adds up to the all in one solution, providing it with a unique look.

The distinctive stand makes the kiosk a real designer piece, with its clear contours and sleek appearance convincing even non-tech-savvy customers of the benefits of self-service.

A Pole light (optional) ensures that the POLYTOUCH® 27 PASSPORT attracts customers’ attention even in heavily frequented areas. Outside the PEAK times, the customer can activate the Pole light at the push of a button to request assistance or advice from the staff.




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The kiosk is available as a single and dual display solution and meets every conceivable requirement for a self-service kiosk. For reasons of cost efficiency, we recommend using the dual-display solution, as it has twice the utilization capacity of the single variant.

With its ultra slim body – only 2 hands width – the kiosk hardly uses up any floor space. Because we know: the growth prospects lie in slimmer devices and touchscreens.

Digitizing your store with the Polytouch® 27” passport self-service kiosk has several benefits.

  • Functionality:
    The dual sided kiosk ensures high workload capacity and less queues for your customers during peak times while optimizing the order and payment process
  • Flexibility:
    The slim Kiosk can be placed flexibly throughout your storeno refurbishment or costly restructuring needed
  • Design:
    The Design of the kiosk enables an easy and seamless integration into your store concept – customer attractive and conform to your CI!
  • Serviceability:
    The chassis can be opened in one easy step to replace consumables. The kiosk’s simple and fast service concept minimizes downtime and maintenance costs.

Due to our distinctive network of ISV’s, we -as a hardware manufacturer- are able to offer a variety of complete turnkey solutions, tailored to your needs.


The system consists of several components:
  • Pedestal

    The designer stand is available in a modern and a classic variant. In both variants, the stand also serves as a channel for the cables that supply the kiosk with power and data via the AKHET® PC box.

    The invisible cable routing contributes significantly to the attractive appearance of the kiosk. If, for structural or technical reasons, it proves difficult to wire the kiosk via the stand, the kiosk’s intelligent design concept allows it to be supplied with power and data via a ceiling feed.

  • Chassis with display and computer unit

    IInside the chassis, the self-developed AKHET® PC box is the central power supply for both screens and all peripherals. Video signal and power reach the screens via only one plug connection from the PC box, so that no additional cables are required. The box is equipped with a 10th generation Intel® Core™ CPU (Comet Lake), its performance is scaled according to the customer’s requirements (i3 to i9 are possible). To prevent unauthorized access to the computer unit, the chassis is secured with a lock.

    The 27″ projective-capacitive displays fit completely seamlessly into the chassis and are available in various finishes.

    • Anti-glare-type-display
    • Bonded anti-glare-type-display
    • Bonded glare-type-display

    Bonded glare is the preferred version because operating gestures leave virtually no traces on its special coating (anti fingerprint coating). We can of course supply the alternative versions on request. All three display types are characterized by high readability even under difficult lighting conditions.


polytouch® 27 passport can be customized with additional modules like printer, scanner and EFT:
  • Printer

    The following thermal printers can be integrated as standard:

    • Epson TM88VI
    • Custom Modus 3
    • Custom P3

    Other printers available on request.

  • Scanner

    • Honeywell CM3680/CM5680 (optional)
    • Zebra 4717 (optional)


  • EFT Payment

    • Verifone P400/MX915 (optional)
    • Ingenico Lane 3000/5000 (optional)

    Further EFTs are possible on request.


The customer has a free choice of color for powder-coating of the chassis. This is possible according to the customer-specific requirements in all RAL colors. The pedestal is also available in different colours and design variants.

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