1. Highest automation
  2. Capacity 25 pucks
  3. Easy installation and maintenance


every queue loses its length – in retail sector and restaurant industry

With its dispenser for trackable pucks the POLYTOUCH® 32 PASSPORT is the primary solution for self-services in fast food and fast casual restaurants: From self-ordering to self-checkout to advising that a meal is ready to pick up at food counter or to deliver to the right table in restaurant. Therefore, your guests or staff will never miss a order, even in times of high traffic.

However, this PASSPORT also plays in another league: In stores, excessive waiting times and long queues stress customers and staff. The kiosk helps to get out of this stressful situation, providing customers with the convenient option to add themselves to the queue and receive a notification when their turn is up. Either via text message or using the dispensed puck. So, Polytouch satisfy customers with a better shopping experience and staff with easier work. Sophisticated market-ready solutions are already available for use in both restaurants industry and retail sector, so that you can go live quickly.

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Watch the live and schematic demonstration of the puck Dispenser.

Smart Digital Queuing – Pyramid self-service queue management kiosk with trackable pucks (demo)


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Mainly the dispensing unit is a storage and dispensing manager for the special PLS pucks. Each puck’s identity is uniq and is collected and processed by the dispenser.
  • Dispenser for polytouch® 32 passport Kiosk

    Pyramid developed the dispensing unit for the current kiosk model polytouch® 32 passport. The dispenser has a capacity of 25 pucks and fits perfect into the polytouch® 32 passport kiosk system. It is designed for customizing and can be equipped with a wooden bezel.

  • Input/Output Controlling

    The feeding of pucks, testing storage capacity and dispensing pucks, are controlled by a central instance within the dispenser. It gathers hardware information such as puck ID, number of pucks, battery charge status from sensors and manages all electric components.

  • Information for your POS

    Pucks are monitored from the throw-in down to the dispensing slide. Their identifying data, like ID and visible number printed on top, is responded right after the dispensing action had been successful executed. This information to administrate an order or another service process, can be passed on digitally to a POS system or other backend system.

  • Thousendfold reliable with exact definition of operation

    Each step in the input and output process of a puck is precisely defined. Twelve sensors keep track in every state of loading or dispensing the pucks. This information can be monitored via monitoring systems.

  • Evolved Dispenser Generation

    The next generation is already in work. It’ll be a dispenser that can hold almost the double number of pucks than current generation. Staff people can also load the complete capacity at one time. And it’s going to have a fancy dispensing mechanism without rotating objects.

    The very specialty: This dispenser generation is going to be fit to all Pyramid Polytouch® kiosk systems.

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