• Highest automation
  • Capacity 25 pucks
  • Easy installation and maintenance

polytouch® 32 passport incl. puck-dispenser

Puck Dispensing Unit

Automating Processes needs technology. Pyramid Computer developed a mechatronical dispensing unit for BLE pucks fitting for the own localization product PLS.

Watch the live and schematic demonstration of the puck Dispenser.


Mainly the dispensing unit is a storage and dispensing manager for the special PLS pucks. Each puck’s identity is uniq and is collected and processed by the dispenser.
  • Dispenser Gen 4 for polytouch® 32 passport Kiosk

    Pyramid developed the dispensing unit for the current kiosk model polytouch® 32 passport. The dispenser has a capacity of 25 pucks and fits perfect into the polytouch® 32 passport kiosk system. It is designed for customizing and can be equipped with a wooden bezel.

  • Input/Output Controlling

    Requested actions, as puck feeding, testing storage capacity and dispensing pucks, are controlled by a central instance within the dispenser. It gathers hardware information from sensors and manages all electric components.

  • Information for your POS

    Pucks are monitored from the throw-in down to the dispensing slide. Their identifying data, like ID and visible number printed on top, is responded right after the dispensing action had been successful executed.

  • Thousendfold reliable with exact definition of operation

    Puck feeding and dispensing procedures are exactly defined. Twelve sensors keep track in every state of loading or dispensing the pucks.

  • Evolved Dispenser Generation

    The next generation is already in work. It’ll be a dispenser that can hold almost the double number of pucks than current generation. Staff people can also load the complete capacity at one time. And it’s going to have a fancy dispensing mechanism without rotating objects.

    The very specialty: This dispenser generation is going to be fit to all Pyramid Polytouch® kiosk systems.

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