Get back to business with the Janus Solution

Developed to help enterprises comply with new strict health-check and social distancing expectations

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Janus Solution Introduction

As the United States begins to reopen; businesses, retailers, and other industries are looking for ways to comply with stricter safety expectations for their employees, clients, and guests. The Janus solution offers temperature screening and check-in solutions with both data privacy and ADA compliancies as core features.

IntraEdge and Pyramid Computer have been working with Intel on a solution that leverages existing screening and privacy technology that the companies manfuacture, especially for the US market. 

Pyramid Computer and IntraEdge team-up to create the Janus Solution, an Enterprise Grade Thermal Check-In Kiosk

The Janus Solution has been developed to help enterprises comply with new strict health-check and social distancing expectations in the current and post-Covid-19 landscape. Janus is a turn-key market-ready solution powered by the Truyo Privacy Rights Platform. Ensuring privacy and security for all user data, and corporate compliance with global privacy regulations.


Checking employee temperatures staff can either use a phone log-on like customers would, or the machine can be programmed to be integrated with the company’s HR system or badge reader.

  • Intuitive customizable UI / UX
  • ID card authentication
  • Intelligent thermal temperature scan
  • Guest screen questions
  • ADA compliant

Form Factors

The polytouch® 21.5 flex is capable of three different installation form factors, ensuring there will always be a good place to install the kiosk.

About IntraEdge

IntraEdge is a large technology talent, services and training organization that functions with the agility of a significantly smaller firm. Founded in 2002 in Phoenix, AZ, they have got national and international scope and reach, backed by decades of experience and deep domain expertise in technology innovation for verticals including finance, education and transportation.